Friday, September 28, 2012

Pilot Metal Falcon Soft Extra-Fine

We just recently started carrying the Pilot Metal Falcons at, and I was really excited to show you what they're about. Specifically, the 14k soft extra-fine nib, because it's a unique nib that's not available in the resin Namiki Falcon. The whole pen is slightly longer than the Namiki Falcon, which is just enough to allow it to use the Pilot Con-70 converter, which has significantly better ink capacity than the Con-50 that comes in the resin version. It's much heavier, obviously, but very comfortable and well-balanced in use. All of the trim on this pen is plated in rhodium, which I really think looks nice. The design of the nib and its flexibility is the same as you'd expect with the Namiki Falcon, but this particular nib size is only available in the metal version, which is why I wanted to show it off!