Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Aurora Ipsilon Overview

Video Outline:

History - (:13)
Unboxing - (:35)
Color Options - (1:42)
Features - (1:56)
Nib Options - (3:01)
Filling Mechanism - (4:11)
Inking It Up - (5:14)
How It Writes - (6:06)
Additional Features - (11:41)
Comparable Pens - (13:12)
Price - (14:47)

We're excited to now be carrying Aurora fountain pens at Gouletpens.com! The Aurora Ipsilon really is unlike many other pens we carry, mostly due to its nib. They were created intentionally to be a bit toothy (especially the italic), allowing you to feel some feedback as you're writing across the paper. It's lightweight and professional, making it an ideal everyday carry pen. I hope you enjoy this overview on the Aurora Ipsilon.