Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Omas Ogiva Cocktail: Quick Look

As a follow up to the Omas Ogiva Alba, Omas is doing another limited edition run of the Ogiva called the Cocktail, set to release in October 2015. These pens will be identical to the Alba in design, with the fluted cotton resin in a translucent color demonstrator pen. They will be available in three colors, Bloody Mary, Blue Angel, and Vodka Lemon.  They're going to be available in 14k extra-fine, extra flessibile (flexible, and dang is this thing soft), 14k fine extra flessibile, 18k extra-fine, 18k fine, and 18k medium. No word yet on if they'll be doing an italic nib on this one yet. Enjoy this Quick Look on the Omas Ogiva Cocktail!